• Lac Noir is located in Southern Brittany.

  • Set in 80 acres of peaceful private parkland.

  • Facilities & food are second to none, with a restaurant and bar offering a place to unwind and relax after a hard day’s fishing, it even has it’s own pool table and satellite TV and English style Toilets and Showers.

  • Close proximity to air and sea ports.

  • These former Kaolin pits where excavated over 100 years ago for their china clay. Over the next 40 years they evolved into our stunning carp fishing lakes.

  • Lac Noir is a stunning 8 acre lake holding carp to over 45lb and catfish to over 100lb.

  • The lake is tree lined and reed lined with a double swim and 2 single swims, depths from 4ft to 25ft.


  • Maximum of 3 anglers, each having a huge amount of water to fish.

  • Lac Noir offers something a little bit special.


  • Sack fish

  • Go out in a rowing boat.

  • Leave rods unattended.

  • Pull for a break. (ask for staff assistance)

  • Light open fires.

  • smoke in any of our cabins.


  • Use minimum 20lb main line. (no braided mainline)

  • Use micro barbed hooks only.

  • Use only Lac Noir weigh slings, unhooking mats and landing nets.

  • Keep swims clean and tidy use bins provided.

  • Only use rig tubing and lead discharge systems. (no leaders or safe zone leaders)

Do Not:

Lac Noir

  • No preserved baits or shelf life boilies of any kind.

  • You’re welcome to use frozen boilies. (please be aware that we are unable to supply freezer space for customer baits)

  • Only particle supplied by Lac Noir is permitted e.g. maple peas, groats, hemp, etc.

  • The use of Korda Goo and other products of a similar make-up and nut baits are strictly banned.



Choose your swim

Choose your swim by clicking on the swim number and watching the video.