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Water Lily 

Water Lily About
Monsieur Lees French Fishing
Water Lily Rules and Bait
Water Lily Choose your swim


  • Use barbed hooks only.

  • Only nets, slings, mats provided to be used.

  • Use a maximum of 3 rods.

  • Water unhooking mats before use.

  • Keep swims clean and tidy use bins provided.

  • leaders/ tubing must be used. 

  • Use bivvies that are of neutral colour and match the surrounding site.

  • only fish water Lily,  it's strictly forbidden to  fish the river.


Do Not:

  • Use Braided mainline.

  • Take the aquatic life away. 

  • Leave rods unattended.

  • Pull for a break. (ask for staff assistance)

  • Light open fires.

  • Point torches into the water, except when

  • landing Fish.

Choose your swim

Choose your swim by clicking on the swim number and watching the video.

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